Don't MIss Suzi Shelton Live at P.S. 230 This Friday!

The Suzi Shelton Band: Live at PS 230!

Nationally-known, award-winning recording artist Suzi Shelton will perform a
live benefit concert with her band at PS 230 this Friday. All proceeds go toward
supporting the educational and cultural activities of PS 230.

Date: Friday, November 1, 2013

Time: Doors open @ 6:00 pm
Show starts @ 6:30 pm

Location: PS 230
1 Albemarle Road
Corner of McDonald Ave, & Albemarle Rd.
Brooklyn, NY

Cost: $5.00 per person, or $15 per family

Tickets also available online:
www.mssuzi.eventbrite.com http://www.mssuzi.eventbrite.com/

All proceeds benefit the children of PS 230!

Our First Review

 Mom Trends Reviews Tutulootu's

Love for Tutus with Tutulootus

Hey look everyone. We got our first review.
Thank you for your kind words. There is even a
shout-out for our favorite tutu wearing trio
the gumdrops, the back up singers for Suzi Shelton.

Funny Look At The Okee Dokee Brothers Writing Process

 On their trip down the Mississippi River
The Okee Dokee Brothers wrote the music for
their Grammy winning album "Can You Canoe"

Get an inside look at their writing process as they
work out the lyrics to
"Thousand Star Hotel".

We get a some great insight into the personalities of
Justin and Joe. This fun and funny video will be inspirational
to Okee Dokee fans and young song writers everywhere.

Winter Has Ended? Welcome to Whineter

 Yea! Winter Is Finally Over... Right?

So, here we are on the first official day of spring, my son has been counting
down the days for the last few weeks. Cabin fever set in sometime in February.
We used to have to beg my son to go out with us for a walk after dinner and a
few nights ago he was begging us to take him out. We tried to tell him it was
cold and dark but he insisted. Well, we bundled him up and inflated his soccer
ball. He was out of the door for about 3 minutes when he seriously ate it.
He hit that cold hard ground with a thud. A moment of silence then tears and
blood and big hole in his new favorite pants.

"Dad it's going to be Spring in two days... Why is there still snow on the ground?"

Parent at school pick up a week ago:
"It's so lovely out, I'm so glad Spring has finally arrived."

Spring is a prankster, it's even got April Fools Day as an ally. The year I moved to NYC
it snowed 8 inches on April 1st. Having moved here from Texas, a place where
Spring starts in February, I was woefully unprepared with winter gear. But, I adapt fast
and I have learned to appreciate those teaser days that we are given this time of year. 

However there are those who demand the Vernal Equinox deliver on the promise
of Spring's... sunshine, warmth and flowers in bloom. And, it will come but maybe when
you have given up hope. Then one day when you least expect it, you'll hear that familiar
song bird from last year; see buds forming on the trees and a feel a brief moment of
warmth on your cheek. But until that day I officially declare... 

the season of Whineter was begun!

Suzi Shelton and The Gumdrops Rock The House at P.S. 230

 Suzi Shelton and The Gumdrops

Suzi Shelton opened for Hot Peas 'n Butter
at P.S. 230 in Brooklyn, NY to raise funds for extra curricular
activities including art, theater and the band program.

The Gumdrops performing in their Tutulootu's tutus.


Suzi Shelton is a NYC award winning recording artist, who writes, performs and
records cool music for kids (and their grown- ups). This Brooklyn-based mother of
two (ages 8 and 14) also teaches music and movement classes in local preschools
and elementary schools, and has been a standout among the current crop of kid-friendly
NYC musical performers since her days performing with the Imagination Workshop Band.

Sophia Grace and Rosie Top NY Times Best Seller List

 That Dynamic Tutu Duo Sophia Grace And Rosie
Invite You To The Making Fabulous Of A Tea Party

With Their New Book:
"Tea Time With Sophia Grace and Rosie"

Their lovely new picture book has reached the top of
the New York Times Best Seller List.

Cousins Sophia Grace and Rosie cordially invite you to
tea party ever! Tea will be served on Sunday at
four o'clock in the afternoon at our caste.
Please wear your fluffiest tutu and finest tiara.

Sincerely Sophia Grace and Rosie

Loaded with great illustrations and tea tips.
By following along, your next tea party
is sure to be a huge success.

Tea Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie
is available at Amazon.com

Learn To Play A Song For Your Valentine On The Ukulele

 Just in Time For Valentine's Day

Follow along as Heidi Swedberg
teaches you to play a simple song for
your sweetie on the ukulele.
It's a unique and thoughtful gift idea.

Don't forget to register to win Heidi's CD "Play"
and the tutu of your choice from Tutulootu's

Click the image above to enter.