Adrian Chen of Gawker In A Tutu With A Shoe On His Head

The hacking group know as Anonymous said they would grant an interview to Adrian Chen
from the blog Gawker if he were to post an image of himself wearing a tutu and a shoe on his head.
Anonymous recently claimed to have stolen 12 million Apple device IDs from an FBI cybersecurity
agent's laptop. If this claim is true millions of peoples privacy may be exposed. The FBI claims
that Anonymous has lied about the data coming from them.

Apparently Anonymous has targeted Chen because of his disbelief of a claim that Anonymous
has access to every database in the united States. Now that the photo has been posted, Chen
is waiting to to see if Anonymous will hold up their end of the bargain and grant the interview.

Adrian can be reached here: Adrian@gawker.com, and on Twitter at @AdrianChen
if any Anonymous hackers and/or journalism prize committees would like to chat with him.

We will keep you updated as this story develops.

Written by Troy Martin — September 05, 2012

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