Yea! Winter Is Finally Over... Right?

So, here we are on the first official day of spring, my son has been counting
down the days for the last few weeks. Cabin fever set in sometime in February.
We used to have to beg my son to go out with us for a walk after dinner and a
few nights ago he was begging us to take him out. We tried to tell him it was
cold and dark but he insisted. Well, we bundled him up and inflated his soccer
ball. He was out of the door for about 3 minutes when he seriously ate it.
He hit that cold hard ground with a thud. A moment of silence then tears and
blood and big hole in his new favorite pants.

"Dad it's going to be Spring in two days... Why is there still snow on the ground?"

Parent at school pick up a week ago:
"It's so lovely out, I'm so glad Spring has finally arrived."

Spring is a prankster, it's even got April Fools Day as an ally. The year I moved to NYC
it snowed 8 inches on April 1st. Having moved here from Texas, a place where
Spring starts in February, I was woefully unprepared with winter gear. But, I adapt fast
and I have learned to appreciate those teaser days that we are given this time of year. 

However there are those who demand the Vernal Equinox deliver on the promise
of Spring's... sunshine, warmth and flowers in bloom. And, it will come but maybe when
you have given up hope. Then one day when you least expect it, you'll hear that familiar
song bird from last year; see buds forming on the trees and a feel a brief moment of
warmth on your cheek. But until that day I officially declare... 

the season of Whineter was begun!

Written by Troy Martin — March 20, 2013

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