Light Pink Leopard Print Tutu

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When you want to let your inner wild child out to have some fun, the light pink leopard print tutu is the one for you.

  • When you need to feel courageous wear leopard
  • When you need to feel fierce wear leopard
  • When you need to feel daring wear leopard

“ My weakness is wearing too much leopard print”
--Jackie Collins

Leopard print shows that a girl doesn't mind being noticed! This light pink leopard print tutu is classically feline. Prowl, stalk and pounce in this tutu, your prey will never know what hit them.

The tutu is double layered and made of fabulous nylon chiffon. The soft satin covered elastic waistband is adjustable and the ribbon is detachable.

"My daughter loves her new tutu so much,
she even slept in it the first night she got it"

Erica - Brownsboro, TX

Size:  Tutu Size Chart

Sizes: (age 1-2) Long: 8" Waist :18" - 22"
Sizes: (age 3-4) Long : 9" Waist : 18.5" - 22.5"
Sizes: (age 4-5) Long: 10" Waist : 19" - 23"
Sizes: (age 5-6) Long : 11" Waist : 19.5" - 23.5"
Sizes: (age 6-8) Long : 12" Waist : 20" - 24"
Material:  Nylon Chiffon


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